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Decentralize public PGP keys

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What is pgp.asc?

pgp.asc is an initiative to decentralize public PGP keys, making it easier to get an up to date and authenticated key.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t: Just upload your public PGP key to your websites root folder and you’re good to go!

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How and where?

Simply put your public key in a file called pgp.asc in the root of your server. That way people can find your PGP key by going to

This takes less time than to search in a public key server, and absolutely guarantees authenticity.

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Why should I?

To make it easier to find your public PGP key, and validate it. (Since only you have access to your server) To provide an up to date key, as you can delete your old one. To spread the word about encryption.